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Life coaching....for the WIN!

Northwest Kids Life Coaching works with children to provide the tools they need to grow strong minds and tackle big challenges.

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Because life doesn't begin in adulthood.


Growth Mindset Skills

I work with kids, 7-12 years old, to help them understand how their magnificent brains grow with each mistake they make, each risk they take. Through a series of engaging exercises and thoughtful conversations, I guide each individual on a journey of self-discovery, helping them to arrive at a greater sense of confidence in themselves. We work together to develop a stronger sense of resiliency, learning to persevere even when things get tough. 

The teen years are coming soon! Give your child a head start with understanding and truly experiencing the importance of a growth mindset, which is critical to facing challenges in life.


 Executive Functioning Skills

I use evidence-based methods to help kids build and improve executive functioning skills, such as memory, time management, and organization. These are major skills that all kids need to be successful at school, at home, and out in the world. Working memory, for example, helps kids remember to bring their homework to school, and it ensures they don't lose things like their pencil or their shoes! No matter how intelligent and awesome the kid, struggling with being disorganized or forgetful can take its toll on a child's self-esteem and parents' energy.

I will coach your child through exercises that will help strengthen these skills that are essential for success in life.


Social-Emotional Skills

Now more than ever, children are struggling to manage big emotions. Kids are dealing with a LOT: whether it's fear about violence in the world, anxiety about Covid-19, anger about major changes at home, or worry about transitions at school. Parents and teachers alike experience the effects when a child struggles emotionally. Kids may lose control and act out in ways that negatively affect their friendships or their ability to focus in school. 


I work with children in a one-on-one setting to help them understand that it is okay to feel unpleasant emotions, but we also have the power to act on them appropriately.  After naming and discussing feelings, we will practice strategies for managing them. 


I believe that every child should be empowered to take back control of their own feelings.

Visit our SERVICES page to learn more about the coaching packages we have to offer.



With 20 years of experience as a classroom teacher, Althea Chow understands students' complex academic, social and emotional needs. For the majority of her teaching career, Ms. Chow worked with 2nd and 3rd grade students in the Highly Capable Cohort/ Advanced Learning Program at Seattle Public Schools. Additionally, her experience in educational settings spans kindergarten through 6th grade as a tutor, classroom assistant, and general education teacher in both private and public schools.


A dedicated life-long learner committed to excellence in her practice, Ms. Chow earned a bachelor of arts degree in psychology in 1998 from Seattle University, Master's in Teaching degree in 2001 (also from SU), National Board Certification in 2008 (category: "Middle Childhood Generalist" teaching 7-12 year-olds), and completed the renewal process to maintain her NBCT status in 2018. After stepping out of the classroom setting in 2021, Ms. Chow dedicated numerous hours to becoming a certified life coach and is eager to continue working with students in this new role serving the Seattle community.

As a parent of a tween and a teen, she knows that it's not easy for parents to always find time to guide their kids through big challenges in school, with friends, and within the home. Whether the problem is feeling anxiety about a particular subject that is preventing a kid from showing their full potential in school, lacking confidence in making and maintaining healthy friendships, or dealing with strong emotions that are affecting their relationships with peers and loved ones, Ms. Chow coaches children through the process of developing a growth mindset, strengthening executive functioning skills, setting specific goals to address an important issue, and learning effective strategies for meeting those goals. 


Ms. Chow provides a safe space where gender identity is affirmed, and children can engage in the work as their true selves. She will encourage, support and guide your child, while partnering with you (and their teachers) to celebrate their accomplishments.

Invite Ms. Chow to join your team!

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